Retailing the Products

Your key goal is to build a regular customer base - One's that regularly use candles and home fragrance products. We'll provide you with the product collections that we know customers will come back for time and time again. One of the keys to success is giving customers the opportunity to experience the products; touch, feel and smell, meaning the most effective way to sell is by engaging with the customer face to face. Social media is important for product awareness, however it shouldn't be your only way of retailing products. 

We provide support and advice to help you sell, and recommend a number of really unique ways to engage with customers and grow your Urban Candle business. 

Urban Socials: Our version of home parties, but a very relaxed, informal and effective way to let people experience Urban Candle. We'll support you with brilliant party host incentives, exclusive social offers and promotions, access to our payment technology so you can process credit and debit card order payments on the spot, Urban Social packs and a whole host of other support. 

An Urban Social can generate between £200-£500 in sales on average with our product collections! 

Family, Friends & Colleagues: You'll be surprised at how many people use candles and home fragrance products, and your personal network of family, friends and colleagues will be eager to explore the range - they're a great place to start. Carry your product and fragrance samples, take them to work, and invite your friends round for a social evening - we guarantee they'll love them! 

The key is to establish a strong regular customer base who love the products, we're confident they'll come back time and time again! 

Workplaces: Workplaces like head offices, solicitors, doctors and schools are a great place to showcase the range - put together a sample kit, with borchures and order forms that you can leave with someone at the workplace. Call back a few days later to collect the orders and it's likely you'll pick up some more regulars! 

A lot of big head offices also allow you to retail directly to their employees within the office buildings - visit some of your local head offices and organisations and simply ask the question. Many of our ambassadors regularly retail at big companies like British Airways, Virgin Money, Santander to name just a few - they can be fantastic retail opportunities. 

Social Media: While places like Facebook and Instagram are great marketing tools, you shouldn't think that by posting on these media outlets that you'll instantly get customers - They can be effective, but you should include this with other forms and not rely on this completely. 

Create a customer group on Facebook, and invite all your family, friends and colleagues to join it - it's a great way of communicating out offers and promotions. Resident groups are also a great way to drive retail sales, with some ambassadors generating over £2K per month from resident and customer groups. Keep the content fresh, regular and relevant to your customers, use imagery from our image bank and create exciting posts that are not always sales focused, but more informative i.e benefits of natural soy wax, or how well our products fragrance. We find that "real life" imagery provides a much more positive interaction i.e images of the products in your home rather than using our professional imagery all the time! 

Brochure Retailing: Brochures and Order Forms are a great way of building your customer base, it's a traditional but trusted way of marketing. Offer customers a complimentary sample with a brochure, or pop some into an experience kit and let them explore the range in their own time. 

Experience Set: Create 2 or 3 experience sets, nice boxes with sample products in, alongside brochures and order forms - drop them at family, friends and colleagues homes and let them explore the urban candle range - arrange to go back and collect it in a few days. Have a constant pipe-line of potential customers wanting to have the box and try to rotate 2-3 boxes per week - you'll be surprised at how effective this will be! Top Tip! Pop a sample candle in there that they can burn for a few hours, we'd suggest one of our signature candle tins!  

A combination of different retail efforts will help you create a great Urban Candle business, and of course they're just suggestions. Be creative and unique and you'll be successful! 

Every month we'll give you exclusive offers and promotions to drive your retail sales. You'll have a fragrance of the month addition, alongside weekly and monthly spot offers and promotions so there's always something to show your customers!